Stories #traveltales

Remember how I used to tell you stories? Stories of a Hongdae morning  and a Catalunya campsite. This morning I’ve been in my favourite place, in bed with coffee and catching up on Paul Salopek’s, Out of Eden blog. Really you should read this. In terms of travel writing, he is my favourite. His writing requires … More Stories #traveltales

Looking Through Barca’s Windows and Doors #photogallery #instagram #barcelona

During the daytime, other people’s walls and windows – their possible solitudes dominate the view that the glass rectangles offer. From Sidewalks by Valeria Luiselli Doors and windows are a vehicle of transience. They offer us a means for our comings and goings. Either by going out or looking out at the world, then returning … More Looking Through Barca’s Windows and Doors #photogallery #instagram #barcelona