About This Notebook

In a previous life I think  I was a Victorian explorer beating my way through the African bush discovering new wildlife and new place to live. I’ve come to realize I am an explorer.

I’m exploring my own life and how to live it. I can say thank you to illness and my recovery process to giving me a clean slate to let me leave behind the old way in which I was living and seek a new one. In August 2013 I sold my shit and went to teach English in South Korea. It was a new beginning for me to find a new place and this blog began as a means to tell stories. Now it’s developed to include exploration to find me a place creatively.

So I’m enjoying minimalist living using ESL teaching and volunteering as ways and means of living my life on my terms to ensure it’s not simply about paying the bills. Being closer to 40 than 30 I should have a house, husband, blah, blah but as I explore I see people living in lots of different ways in different places and I’m loving this adventure. So far I’ve explored, worked and lived in Zimbabwe, South Korea and Turkey, volunteered in Spain and travelled through Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and the Philippines.

Creatively speaking I take inspiration from Keri Smith’s, How to Explore The World. We can all be explorers.how to be an explorer

So I’m looking for a place. My place in this world. I will write to let you know how I’m doing.

Meanwhile catch up with me  @naturallyclaire

 Thank you for reading.



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