Little Sol #newproject

To be honest with you, I’ve lost track at how many times I’ve decided to take on a new project and I’ve lost count of the number of blogging sites that I’ve had. Really I should have kept them all because now I would have a monster blog ranging from poetry to functional medicine .. really …. in a previous life I ran my own nutritional therapy consultancy and I still whole heartedly recommend functional medicine. Anyway, I’m digressing …  guess what? Yes? I have a new project 🙂

Still my attempts at writing this blog get washed away with the waves of Tarifa, my new base and ps ..I bloody love it here. Between September and December last year, I worked on three workaway projects and stayed in 13 different places, an assortment of Spanish villages and cities. Staying put here in Tarfia has given me the space I need to delve into my brain and start being productive. I’ve been playing with the idea of branching out on my own private online teaching but this would take work and “work” is no fun. I love teaching, it’s not work and I love my doodling and drawings so right now I’m excited.

Even before I arrived in Spain I had the idea in my head of a little apartment with a little desk and a little dog, a place to do my little designs. I’m sure the dog will one day come but for the moment I’m loving my location independence and as much as I love Tarifa, Asia and Africa are still calling but wherever I go I’ll follow the sun so Little Sol Designs is my new beginning for 2016.

For the moment, follow my path of learning for I am still very much an amateur and I am still finding my place but you can join me HERE ..please and thank you.

Muchas gracias mis amigos (my Spanish in coming along nicely, isn’t it?!)


Claire Gillis

This is me being creative in Seoul. Some coloured dots and wall, that’s all it takes 🙂

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