Stories #traveltales

Remember how I used to tell you stories? Stories of a Hongdae morning  and a Catalunya campsite.

This morning I’ve been in my favourite place, in bed with coffee and catching up on Paul Salopek’s, Out of Eden blog. Really you should read this. In terms of travel writing, he is my favourite. His writing requires effortless reading as he gently takes you and cocoons you in a story, into a slice of another world happening elsewhere. Except it’s our world and therefore part of our own story.

Now I’m thinking about all the people I have met. Here in Spain, at home in Ireland, the differences and similarities and all the stories I haven’t told.

So as I wrote in Finding A Way, once more I’m sending this out “there” as a commitment to myself to not forget my stories and more importantly not to take for granted the people who created my stories. How will I remember, through translating pictures, Instagram and of course here, mis amigos we can share stories, just like this Korean coffee mug tells us (the Korean culture of trying to be oh so very cute cracks me up!)

korean coffee story mug the way, Finding A Way did work. In the end the recipe came out good, I found my way in Granada, both volunteering and teaching which = free rent and income which = :). Now that I’ve sold my house, I’m footloose to be completely location independent and I’m enjoying life in Tarifa, Spain.


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