In the beginning #traveltales




I’m so happy to have arrived in Tarifa. I landed into a full Levante, it made me want to cozy into my room which I did and subsequently my little studio feels like home. I feel content, relaxed and expansive. This expansive feeling is the one I get when I’m working out on farms. Away from spaces defined by man, you are free to create your own space. In a city, everything is defined. The streets, the shops, the buildings, the fashions all have a purpose created by humans. On a beach there is just the sand. Maybe this place will offer a cocktail of ingredients that is just to my taste. It is a town, there are people, cafes, bars. I can sit and drink my cafe and people watch but then escape to the beach. Many people have spoken of a love affair with Tarifa. I’m at the beginning, the best part of anything.

With love,


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