Finding A Way #digitalnomad #teachonline


I’m exploring, not only new cities and towns, not only creative pursuits but also different ways of living and working. My time shifts between staying in hostels, volunteering and airbnb (ing). The grand plan was to not pay rent by working on HelpX and Workaway projects then use my spare time to teach online and earn an income. Has it worked. Has it eck?! However, it’s only the first month so I’m persevering.

Yesterday I had one of those days when the financial stress hammered me on the head with it’s oversized mallet and  “You should be” and “You have to” tried to tie me down with guy ropes. It was a shitty day but this happens when things are not going according to plan. Maybe it is a bit of an eejet based plan but in theory it should work.

Technically I am a digital nomad but my working conditions are not the same. I cannot simply rock up in a cozy cafe and set to work, nor do co-working spaces work which is a shame as I love the idea of their creative potential and here in Barcelona there are some great places. So, I’m not designing or creating anything new nor am I an entrepreneur, common features of digital nomadism. As for travel blogging, spending hours writing does not come naturally to me and with no disrespect to some bloggers, I do not need to read another article on “48hours in Barcelona”. So in terms of my technical nomadism, I need a quiet space with good, fast and reliable internet. It sounds be easy but so far it’s not. However, this is because of my choice to work outdoors. Rural Catalonia is not kind to the internet but do I regret spending my afternoons herding goats? No, spending the end of summer working outside was much better for me than crouching over a laptop, despite this choice leading to my financial hammering yesterday. I did rent an apartment for two months over the summer but just teaching online is not enough for me to feel fulfilled, I need to feel part of something like a project or community, hence the Workaway plan.  Add to the recipe the fact that relying on technology to make a living is not reliable when you lose chargers, headphones break, your new headphones don’t work and therefore you have to cancel classes. So this weekend I’ve spent extra money on a private Airbnb room (as compared to a backpackers) and also lost two days work, c’est la vie.

So I’m sending this out to you as it’s my plan and I will get it to work. I will find a way.  Life is one big recipe and you add ingredients as you need. I’m happy for the people who enjoy having a simple dish, mine is more complex but I want you to have a share… If you’re an English teacher and fed up of the routine of a school, give it a blast. I teach conversation classes only, meaning I simply encourage conversation and I love speaking to people from around the world. Teach English Online.

2 thoughts on “Finding A Way #digitalnomad #teachonline

  1. Thank you for stopping by! I’m actually not a techie type person so it makes me laugh that I’m in a position where I rely on it. I haven’t yet tried house sitting but also sound like a great option. Happy travels to you 😊

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