Looking Through Barca’s Windows and Doors #photogallery #instagram #barcelona

During the daytime, other people’s walls and windows – their possible solitudes dominate the view that the glass rectangles offer.

    • From Sidewalks by Valeria Luiselli

Doors and windows are a vehicle of transience. They offer us a means for our comings and goings. Either by going out or looking out at the world, then returning home, back to our places of solitude or at least our place that is separate from the world that exists outside our front door. We all have doors that open and close for us whether we like them or not or whether we like what they represent or not.  Travel provides the time and space to think about our doors and windows.

What type of door do you want to exit and then return through? A door that leads to adventure or a door that leads to known security?

I’ve been looking through Barca’s windows and doors. During my daytime I’ve been peering around at what Barca’s rectangles offer and I’ve found that Barcelona offers it all. The vibrant, the imaginative, the sacred, the regal. The old and worn used for so many years and shared by so many.


Looking Through Barca’s Windows and Doors, an Instagram series


Pink Barcelona
Apartment block in Ravel


Back View of Residential Apartments in Eixample


Button Window
Window inside the modernist building Casa Amatller on Passeig de Gracia


Window terrace found in the old city in El Born


Looking up in Plaça de Víctor


Barcelona door shutter
A decorated door shutter in El Barrio Gótico


The Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar
Peering through the door of the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar

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