Print Perfect #printmaking


I’ve always loved prints, particularly Japanese prints, they are both bold and delicate and as part of my current finding myself creatively, I took myself of a linocut printmaking workshop. The process itself turned out to be simple, something which initially drew me to it and there is no need for expensive equiptment or fancy tools. Of course you do need the right tools and the process itself does requires patience and skill but yet anyone willing to put a bit of time into it and come out with a wonderfully vibrant piece of art.


I started by penning this flower. I wanted a design that was simple yet graphic, something that would let the colour stand out on the page and as I didn’t yet know how easy or difficult the cutting out process would be, I thought straight lines would be a smart move.

Claire Gillis Print

Absolutely my favourite part of the process was rolling the paint onto the lino itself. That is when you truely get to see your image for the first time. The furrowed lines leading the way for the image to stand out on your page. I loved this blue but the final image printed onto thick, quality paper was this reddy burnt siena.

Watch this space, I may become a lino addict 🙂


The workshop was provided by James Green Printmaker at Sheffield’s own printmaking studio. The cups of tea, biscuits and good conversation all of course embellished the creative process.

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