Black and White Barcelona #traveltales

black and white barcelona

Black and white Barcelona street view, March 2015

Pussy licking, hairless bottoms, cock sucking, bare breasts, gay sex  …  some bloke’s notebook pages are stuck to the wall.

No I haven’t been spending my time in Barcelona sourcing porn but perusing in the angelic, spaciously white, MACBA. I had no idea who Osvaldo Lamborghini was (Google has now told me) but for his notes to be hung on the walls, I guessed he must be important. Pages and pages of recurring graphic porn. The pages and pages of Spanish notes I couldn’t read so my eyes had no choice but to  hook onto the cut out porn mag images. Thankfully some softened into sketches. The mother and father with the two young children had obviously also not see the print written at the bottom of the wall at the exhibition entrance, contains sexually elicit material (or had they?) My focus turned to their faces, I was waiting for a reaction. I saw none of note.

Can I imagine what’s written on those pages? Could it be so black and white? There was a black and white photo of said Osvaldo sitting in his apartment. In front of him, a landslide of papers, books and notebooks. I think there is no way to presume what was printed on the pages, I will presume that his head contains lots.

To be honest the porn was the best thing in this place asides from the actual building itself but to get a surprise is nice. As for Barcelona, nothing else has surprised me yet. If you want to see some porn hanging from a prestigious museum trying to make art not so black and white, it will be there until June.

Now I shall head out into Barcelona and find me some colour.

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