Coming Down The Hill

I cannot explain the light as it slides over the green hill. I look upwards it coming down over the grass and rock. The sky is gray and blue and the wind is pushing me in order to make me aware that I am here. The light paints its own picture, one that only I am able to see on this morning. Me alone. I’m blessed. Then it is gone. The picture as I see it disappears as a cloud moves, moving the shadows off the hill leaving a momentary dullness and time for me to pause and question what I had just seen. The wind is still pushing and the sky once more becomes blue and the dapples re-arrange.

I walk down the hill towards the farm. How many people have taken this walk? These hills, this wall, these rocks, this sun. Nothing is new but yet only this can renew me today. The Lake District is an English charm and Windermere has become my favourite English place.

It is strange, so much has happened since I last spoke to you …….

I slipped away from Korea and slipped into Palawan, Phillipines where I began to slip out of the bubble world that I had been in. Slipping amongst coconuts into a clear blue bath sea was not hard but yet not without some strangeness. Then I bumped into Istanbul unknowingly on my way to a place and perhaps it is the place?

Now I’m in England and in the process of understanding how I got here. The travel writer, Paul Theroux described how writing for him helped him to understand his world. I’ve stopped writing, the desire gone but absofuckinglutley do I want to understand my world so do you mind if I begin writing to you again?  I want to be clear about where I’m going and I think it will help. In Windermere I found myself at the bottom of a hill walking through a shadow game that the sun and clouds were playing, giving me a deep strength to take me back up.  This will do for now.

ps Unfortunately I was cameraless so no picture included

4 thoughts on “Coming Down The Hill

  1. writing so helps to understand the world, only if to comprehend for a moment or to feel like you understand as you follow your stream of consciousness in your brain, transferring it to words in front of you. what do you like to focus on when you are writing?

    1. Interesting question. I used to write a lot but always felt that I was in a battle with it so last year began doodling because with that I don’t think, literally the pencil moves but I want to make writing a habit so that it does help me understand my world

      1. do you keep a daily journal?

        Plus i’m with you on the doodling vs. writing except well in any process when you develop and delve further into the creation things get complicated and ah sometimes it feels like there is impossibly too much to comprehend and attend to

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